SMARTAIR DIFFUSION® is a developer, manufacturer and distributor of specialist HVAC air diffusion products, induction systems, chilled beams, and fan convectors. 



  • Australia - Sydney (tel +61 1300 572 689)
  • Germany - Wiesbaden (tel +49 162 2840 030)
  • China - Changzhou (tel +86 181 1801 8608)


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  • SMARTEMP® – world-wide
  • HARMONY™ – world-wide
  • LTG® – Australia & New Zealand




SMARTEMP® is SMARTAIR DIFFUSION's premium brand. SMARTEMP products are designed by SMARTAIR DIFFUSION in Australia. The SMARTEMP range provides high quality, premium air diffusion solutions that are well suited to demanding applications or where superior performance is required. The range includes products for large volume spaces, elevated comfort, enhanced indoor air quality, high energy efficiency, low pressure characteristics, quiet operation, low temperature VAV, and thermal displacement. Key SMARTEMP products have been developed for the higher heat loads and elevated humidity levels typical of the Asia-Pacific region. Enhanced heating solutions have been developed for the northern and southern hemispheres' colder climates. SMARTEMP, additionally, provides engineering and technical services such as selection programs, technical brochures and direct client advice in relation to specialised air diffusion performance, indoor air quality, diffuser layout, and associated acoustics and system design. These services include solution testing and airflow visualisation in SMARTAIR DIFFUSION's Australian laboratory and SMARTEMP's laboratory in China. 



HARMONY is SMARTAIR DIFFUSION's budget diffuser range. These products provide a cost effective solution for standard HVAC applications that require dependable operation and a quality finish. Standard designs that are mass produced achieve economies of scale to realise capital savings for the end client.   



LTG® Aktiengesellschaft in Germany designs and produces high end, highly energy efficient and sustainable, superior quality HVAC products for optimum performance, enhanced indoor air quality and superior comfort. LTG has a multitude of patented HVAC systems and solutions, and additionally offers bespoke system and project solution testing via its R&D facility and laboratory located in Stuttgart. Innovations from LTG include micro-jet linear diffuser technlology with SystemClean™ to minimise ceiling soiling and reduce the risk of condensation. SystemClean™ enhances hygiene and reduces maintenance costs, whilst ensuring an on-going pristine aesthetic.  




SMARTEMP products are manufactured in SMARTAIR DIFFUSION's factory, Changzhou Smartemp Air-Conditioning Technology Co Ltd, in China, with local assembly of key products in Australia for the Australasian market.  The SMARTEMP factory also oversees quality control of all HARMONY products. 

LTG products are manufactured in LTG's factory in Germany.





Swirl diffusers form a key part of the SMARTAIR DIFFUSION range. The product range of high induction air diffusion swirl technology includes ceiling swirl diffusers for low temperature VAV applications, as well as a variety of specialised ceiling and side-blow swirl diffusers for large volume spaces.  The latter includes the world's highest capacity variable pattern swirl diffusers. The patented design offers variable air pattern adjustment from horizontal to vertical, providing cost effective, energy efficient and quiet solutions for high comfort, draught-free applications, such as convention centres, sports arenas, performing arts spaces, TV studios, distribution centres, and similar.  Many of the swirl diffusers offer an option of manual, electric or self-powered thermal actuator discharge direction adjustment. 



SMARTAIR DIFFUSION's range of floor swirl diffusers includes the world's only floor swirl diffuser with user-adjustable airflow rate, direction and pattern.  This SMARTEMP product is a low profile floor swirl diffuser with optional motorised VAV operation. The patented design maximises thermal comfort personalisation via user-adjustment of both local airflow rate and local air motion.  "Warm head / cold feet" discomfort at low airflow rates is avoided by maintaining throw to head height of seated occupants regardless of the diffuser airflow rate setting (manual or VAV). 



SMARTAIR DIFFUSION offers a range of perforated displacement diffusers, both for commercial and auditorium applications. These, like their floor swirl diffuser counterparts, realise high comfort levels and enhanced indoor air quality to achieve elevated levels of occupant wellbeing. Perforated displacement diffusers include rectangular displacement, drum displacement, wall displacement, step displacement and floor displacement diffusers.



In 2005 SMARTAIR DIFFUSION developed and supplied specialised radiant chilled ceilings and passive chilled beams for the world's first 6-Greenstar rated building, Council House 2, in Melbourne. The following year SMARTAIR DIFFUSION spearheaded the introduction of chilled beam technology to the tropics by assisting with the design and by supplying this technology to Monash University in Kuala Lumpur, which was the first passive chilled beam project in Malaysia.

SMARTAIR DIFFUSION's expertise in chilled ceilings and chilled beams is complimented by the LTG range of induction systems from Europe.  LTG's palette includes a wide range of active chilled beam and induction systems for location under the floor, in the facade, or in the ceiling.




As a proud member of the Green Building Council of Australia, SMARTAIR DIFFUSION® offers smarter diffusion solutions for wellness, sustainability, energy efficiency, indoor air quality and comfort. 


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